How do I add or request a new category on DLive?

Learn the correct procedure to request a new category to be added to DLive. It's fast and simple!

DLive Browse page showing all the active categories on DLive
How to add / request a new game category on

DLive currently has thousands of categories to choose when starting your live stream.  However, as new games are released you may find your new game is not listed in your DLive Streamer Dashboard.

Any new categories need to be requested either by raising a ticket over on their help site, or hopping into their official DLive Community Discord and tagging an online member of staff or Discord Helper.

As a Partner on DLive, you can request this directly with DLive staff members.  Categories are usually added within a few hours of your request - which is great for old indie games not available on other streaming platforms.

How to request a new category image on DLive?

As games progress through seasons, or new updates added (Fortnite / World of Warcraft) you may find the category images are outdated.  Using the same instructions above to request an updated category image - so easy!