How often does pay out?

DLive is quite different to other platforms when it comes to cashing out. Streamers are required to request a payment and can choose either a Crypto or FIAT option.

How often does pay out?

DLive processes their streamer payments every 2 weeks, and unlike Twitch you need to request a payment (rather than the automated you might already be used to).  DLive does require you to have at least 4,250 lemons, confirm your identify and having some streaming history before you can request a pay out.

For more information about the value of lemons click here.

How quick after I request payment will DLive process my payment?

DLive process payments every 2 weeks, if you miss the cut-off point (even by a few minutes) you will need to wait a full 2 weeks before DLive begin processing your payment request.  

The payment process does vary from run to run, however you would usually receive your cash-out around 7-10 days after the cut off date.

Don't be confused with "Process Time" and "Estimated Receive Time". Process time is the amount of time it takes for the payment to receive your account after it has been processed. Estimated Receive Time is the date your payment is likely to be received.

What payout options does DLive support?

DLive offers 2 different types of payment options depending on the country of the user requesting:

  • Crypto - Available in all non-US countries
  • Tipalti - FIAT Payments in your local currency

Crypto Payment Options from DLive

The TRON owned live streaming website offers TRC20 crypto payments in the form of TRX, USDD and USDT.  

Crypto payments are much faster (and cheaper) to process compared with the Tipalti alternative.

Tiplati - Fiat Payments in your local currency

You may wonder what Tipalti actually means, and for new users on DLive this payment method sounds completely alien.  Tipalti are a mass payment provider that many companies use to pay their suppliers.

This means that they support multiple different local currencies such as USD, EUR, or GBP.

Tipalti also offer you to process your payment as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfers and eChecks.

Why does DLive need my personal information before requesting a cash out?

DLive (like any other company) requires it's users to pass a KYC (Know your Customer) check in order to start processing your payments.  If you do not provide this information, DLive will not process your payment.

How to request a cash out from DLive

Screenshot of the DLive Get Paid page
DLive "Get Paid" page

The DLive "Get Paid" page  can be accessed from any page on DLive.  

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click your avatar at the top right of the page
  4. Click "Get Paid"
  5. Click "Create new Payment Request"
If you've never requested a payment from DLive before you will be required to follow their KYC process as mentioned earlier.