How to download replays (VODS) from your DLive live stream

So you've just finished your live stream and want to download your replay for editing. We talk you through the best (in our opinion) stream download tool for DLive.

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Downloading your replay from DLive is not quite as simple as other platforms, however there are tools that you can use to speed up the process.  It's worth noting that without being the channel owner it will make downloading replays a little more difficult unless you use a tool like the one demonstrated in this article.

The DLive team have prepared an online help page for different methods of downloading your replays which involved multiple steps, but today we are only going to talk about the TidyLabs downloader as we find it much easier to use.

TidyLabs DLive Replay Downloader (Windows)

Developed a few years ago by Tidy himself, the Tidy Labs downloader is definitely the easiest way to download live stream replays (VOD's) from DLive.  The download process is incredibly simple to follow without requiring you to find the "m3u8" URL of the replay you wish to download & save.

Screenshot of the TidyLabs replay downloader
TidyLabs DLive VOD Downloader

After installation, the program will load a black command prompt screen which only requires you to paste the replay URL and press enter.  It has no fancy bloated graphics, it just downloads and converts the m3u8 files to a readable .mp4 file suitable for editing.

How to use the TidyLabs Replay Downloader

  1. Download and install the TidyLabs Downloader (link below)
  2. Run the "TidyLabsDownloader.exe" file
  3. Paste the Replay URL (not the m3u8 link)
  4. Press Enter ↵

The downloader will automatically start downloading your replay and store in the "downloads" folder.  

For full instructions on how to install and use, view the help site over at:

We always highly suggest multi-streaming your content to YouTube. This ensures that you have a replay of your content and are not solely relying on a single platform to correctly save your replays.