How to get on the DLive home page featured area

Want to learn more about the DLive Carousel? Has your stream been featured and you want to know what this means - read more!

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We look at how the DLive Featured Carousel works and how your channel is selected

Before we get started, there is only 1 guaranteed way to get on the carousel (featured area) of the DLive home page.  When a streamer first receives their Global Partnership - they will be featured manually by the DLive staff to celebrate their new role within the DLive Community.

During any other time, the carousel rotates every couple of hours using Machine Learning (what we were told by Tidy during one of his community streams) and selects random streamers to feature front and center.

One thing to remember about the featured streams area is that it's completely localized.  DLive has a huge presence in Turkey - so with that in mind a viewer will only see Turkish live streams on the carousel - whilst USA users will only see English users.

The carousel features up to 5 streamers on desktop (Chrome / Firefox / Edge etc), and 4/5 streamers on mobile apps.  Streamers who appear through machine learning selection will receive a message in their chat similar to:

Chat message sent from DLive team saying your stream is being featured
DLive Team chat message saying your stream is being featured

As mentioned above, the carousel seems to rotate every 2 hours - so if a channel goes offline during that period it is automatically replaced with the highest viewer live stream (Family Friendly & Mature Tag only).

With the sudden influx of Gambling / Slots streamers on DLive we've noticed high viewer channels filling offline slots quite quickly!

You will not receive a chat message for being a replacement stream.

No.  Unlike other live streaming platforms, DLive does not not offer a "pay to feature" system.  We're not really sure if we'd like this if it happened - however if used correctly would be amazing for smaller streamers to get momentum.

DLive has repeatedly mentioned that any live streamer has the chance of being selected by the AI for the home page carousel - with the only stipulation being they must not be X-Tagged.

This means that new streamers, Affiliates, Verified and Global Partners all have the same opportunities on the community centric live streaming platform.

We are unaware of anybody not wanting to be featured, and it's not something we've ever asked.  If you do not want to be featured it might be worth dropping the DLive staff a message on their Discord or raising a ticket over on their help center.