How to pop out the chat on DLive

Looking how to pop the chat window out of DLive? Read on for a simple 4 step guide on how to achieve this.

How to pop out the chat on DLive
Learn how to "Pop Out" the chat window on DLive

Did you know that the DLive chat can be popped out from your stream to embed in your streaming software?  It's very easy - but you need to streaming in order for the option to show (there is a reason - explanation at the bottom).

Instructions on how to "Pop Out" your DLive Chat Window

Screenshots showing the process of popping out the DLive chat window
Pop Out your DLive Chat Window

Step 1.  Start your DLive Live Stream (important)

Step 2. Click the 3 dots located next to the "Send" button

Step 3. Click "Pop up Chat" which will open a new chat window

Step 4. Copy and Paste URL into your OBS dock (optional)

Why does the stream need to be online before popping out the chat?

Long term users of DLive will remember the DLive Chest.  If you take note of the URL of the chat popout, you will see a special set of characters at the end (something like: +0weZ2JIVg).  The special code was used to link the pop-out chat window to the current live stream for chest refills.

You can safely remove this part of the text when embedding into OBS as the chest was removed from DLive in early 2022.