How to purchase LEMONS on DLive with Crypto or Credit/Debit Cards

Do you want to use DLive's LEMON currency to support your favourite streamer? Read our guide on how to buy LEMONS for your account.

Lemons purchasing options on the DLive website
Choose how many Lemons you want to purchase from the DLive Website

If you've not already checked our guide about donation options on DLive we suggest you go and give it a read.  LEMONS are DLive's virtual currency which can be used to donate to content creators (streamers) on DLive.

So how do you get LEMONS to donate?  We go over the different ways you can receive lemons in your account, either via purchasing them directly from DLive or by receiving them as part of a reward for taking part in an event.

As of right now (October 2022), purchasing LEMONS is quite a challenge on the website due to the removal of credit card payment options, however all is not lost if you own an Android or Apple device.

Purchasing LEMONS with Crypto

Popup box on with LEMON purchase options
How to Purchase DLive Lemons with Crypto

If you live outside of the United States you can purchase lemons with popular cryptocurrency.  The "cash in" service is provided by Coinbase and is probably the cheapest method (when compared to the fees imposed by Credit Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay).

Purchasing LEMONS with crypto is only currently available on the DLive website, and is very simple!

  1. Load in your browser and log into your account
  2. Click "Get Lemon" (top left)
  3. Select the amount of LEMONS you wish to purchase
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Click "Pay"
  6. Complete your purchase on the Coinbase website
  7. LEMONS will then be transferred to your DLive wallet
DLive offers many different Crypto options to purchase lemons with (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Lite Coin, DAI, Bitcoin Cash and USDT)

How to purchase DLive LEMONS on Android or iOS?

Screenshot of the DLive App with purchase options from Android and iOS (iPhone)
Purchase LEMONS on DLive using the DLive App

Purchasing LEMONS can be done directly with the DLive application for both Android and Apple devices.  This means that you can purchase using your Credit / Debit card linked with your iOS or Android device.

How to purchase LEMONS using the DLive app

  1. Download the DLive app from your phone software store (Play Store/ App Store)
  2. Install and Login to the app
  3. Go to your profile (bottom right)
  4. Scroll down and press "GET LEMON"
  5. Select the amount of lemons you wish to purchase
  6. Complete the payment using your stored payment method
  7. LEMONS will then be transferred to your DLive wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost more to purchase lemons on iOS and Android?

Both Google and Apple impose a large percentage cut for in app purchases. It's much cheaper to purchase LEMONS via the DLive website.

Why can't I buy LEMONS with Credit / Debit card on the DLive website?

We reached out to DLive staff members who advised us that they are working at bringing back credit /debit card LEMON options on the DLive website - we'll update our DLive News section when this happens.

I purchased LEMONS and they are not appearing in my account - why?

Sometimes users may not receive LEMONS after they have completely a purchase. You need to contact the DLive team over on their help site to investigate the cause.

Can I purchase LEMONS with my PayPal account?

Unfortunately not. DLive no longer supports PayPal payments for LEMONS.