What are the donation options on DLive?

Learn which donation options are supported on DLive.tv and how to start receiving crypto donations using our free step by step guide.

LEMON Donation Gift Options on DLive.tv
Learn which donation options are supported on DLive.tv and how to start receiving crypto donation

As mentioned in our first post "What is DLive.tv", we go over the instant monetization options available for every single streamer without requiring Affiliate, Verified Partner or Global Partner.

Different types of LEMON Donation Gifts on DLive
LEMON Donation options for all DLive users

Donation options appear under your stream (providing your channel is not X-Tagged) which users can then click on to donate their lemons to your stream.

DLive's platform currency is LEMON, with each LEMON being worth $0.012.

Donation Options on DLive.tv

DLive offers 2 methods of donations directly on it's website which will immediately show to all viewers watching your stream:

  • LEMON (Available to ALL Channels)
  • Crypto (Only available after entering your TRC20 wallet address)

Every donation option is a multiplication of lemons, so an Ice Cream is just 10 LEMONS.  Larger value donations allow you to add a donation message which is visible in the chat window.

Ninjaghinis and Ninjets are very similar to a YouTube Superchat where the viewers donation is positioned at the top of the chat window for several minutes.

How much are LEMONS worth on DLive?

Lemon Count Value (USD) Donation Message
LEMON 1 $0.012 No
ICE CREAM 10 $0.12 No
DIAMOND 100 $1.20 50 Character Message
NINJAGHINI 1000 $12.00 100 Character Message
NINJET 10000 $120.00 150 Character Message

How to enable Crypto Donations on DLive.tv

Crypto Donation Options on DLive (BTT / TRX / USDD)
Streamers can receive Crypto Donations on DLive.tv

If you want to enable Crypto Token donations on your channel, head on over to your streamer dashboard page and select the "Streamer Channel" page. Fill in your TRC20 wallet address and press "Submit".  

Once submitted your channel can now receive the following tokens by clicking the central crypto icon below your live stream video:

  • BTT
  • TRX
  • USDD
Enter your TRC20 Wallet Address on DLive.tv to enable Crypto Donations
Enter your TRC20 Wallet address to enable Crypto Donations for your channel
Users wishing to donate crypto will require the TronLINK wallet installed in their browser. You can download the TronLINK wallet extension from: https://www.tronlink.org/