What is DLive.tv?

What is DLive.tv and what are the main features of the platform compared to Twitch and YouTube.

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What is DLive.tv

DLive.tv is a free live streaming platform that is a viable alternative to Twitch.tv or YouTube.

DLive was founded by Charles Wayn & Cole Chen in late 2018 whilst being connected to the STEEMIT blockchain.  In 2019 it moved away from STEEMIT to the LINO blockchain (TestNet) where PewDiePie started streaming.  In 2021 DLive was then acquired by Justin Sun's TRON Foundation and joined the BitTorrentX family.

Instant Monetization on DLive.tv

The main selling point for DLive is instant monetization.  Unlike Twitch and YouTube, anybody can create a free account by signing up with email / Twitch / YouTube or Facebook and receive instant donation options (Lemons & Crpyo), without the requirement of Affiliate / Partner Status.

What are DLive Lemons & How much are they worth?

Lemons are the on-site currency of DLive.  Each lemon has a cash out value of $0.012.  Lemons can be purchased using their iOS or Android devices using the DLive App, or using the desktop website using Cryptocurrency (BTC / LTC / ETH).

Lemons received by the streamer can then be re-donated to other content creators with a small 25% cut taken by DLive to fund development and events.

Each channel on DLive can receive lemons in the form of "gifts"

Donation Gifts available on DLive.tv
Lemon Donation Gifts on DLive
  • Lemon = $0.012
  • Ice Cream (10 Lemons) = $0.12
  • Diamond (100 Lemons) = $1.20
  • Ninjaghini = $12.00
  • Ninjet = $120.00

Crypto Donations on DLive

Crypto Donations on DLive.tv
Donate with Crypto on DLive

Streamers can also opt-in to receive crypto donations such as BTT (BitTorrent Token), TRX (TRON Token) or USDD (USD Stable coin).  Once enabled, a new donation option appears under the stream which allows users to connect their TronLINK wallet to donate directly to the live streamer.

Crypto donations made on DLive will not be subject to any % cut.

Direct Access to DLive Staff

Screenshot of the DLive Discord Server
DLive Discord Server

DLive has always boasted its deep involvement with the DLive Community (often called 'DLivers').  With a public Discord server and monitored social media - getting in contact with a member of the team is only a few clicks away.

Partnership Levels with DLive.tv

DLive offers 3 levels of partnership.  Each level of partnership can be applied for using the Partner Center.  The three levels of DLive Partnership are:

  • Affiliate
  • Verified Partner
  • Global Partner


The Affiliate partner level requires a small stream history and 200+ followers.  This gives you a few emote slots, offline stream banners and a subscription button.

Verified Partner

Verified Partner is similar to Twitch's Partner level.  You will receive everything from the affiliate status with more emote slots and a 'checkmark' next to your name in chats and profile.

Global Partner

Stepping up from Verified Partners, Global Partners receive more emote slots and guaranteed transcoding (quality options) for their live streams.

To read more about the DLive Partnership Program - click here

DLive Service Guidelines

Screenshot of the DLive Service Guidelines
DLive Service Guidelines

Like all major live streaming platforms, DLive openly lists it's platforms rules which outlines what is allowed and not allowed on their website.

With community at the core of DLive, many of the guidelines have been submitted by the 'DLivers' to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all types of content creators.

If you're new to DLive, we suggest reading, understanding and adhering to their Service Guidelines.


DLive is a great alternative to other platforms like Twitch or YouTube.  The total amount of users is significantly less in comparison - however with the huge influx of gambling content creators we don't think the small community will last for long.