DLive welcomes gambling streamers from Twitch

Twitch announced that it was no longer allowing Slots streamers to use their platform - DLive responded welcoming gambling content creators to its platform.

Screenshot of the DLive "Slots" category
Gambling Slots steamers are now streaming on DLive

In a tweet posted from the official Twitch Twitter account on the 20th September 2022 they announced an upcoming policy change (effective: 18th October 2022) which prevents any streamers playing Slots / Gambling games which were not licensed in the US (or other jurisdictions).

Tweet from Twitch banning gambling on the 18th October 2022

The news didn't really come as a huge shock to many who seemed to expect such a move after the drama that had been brewing for several weeks prior.

DLive responds welcoming gambling content creators

As many content creators started to look at alternative platforms, the influx of new "Slots" streamers started to grow on DLive on a daily basis.  DLive took an opportunity to announce they welcome gambling content creators.

DLive Tweet announcing they are welcoming gambling content creators

The tweet which has gained huge interest from live streamers which at the time of writing this article has over 1,300 likes.

Is Gambling allowed on DLive?

As mentioned in our "What is DLive" article, we link to the DLive service guidelines.  A specific part of the guidelines:

Gambling on DLive with other users is strictly prohibited. This includes any form of “buy in” from users using Lemon. An example would be: 1 x Diamond = 1 Entry to win xxx (anything with a monetary value).
Whether you may stream gambling games online (eg: Online Poker, Online Blackjack) depends on the laws and regulations of the country you are streaming from or where the stream is received, accessed, or viewed.

The only stipulation is that streaming gambling games must be legal in your local country. So yes.. you can stream Slots / Gambling on DLive.