New Category Images spotted on DLive!

Did you spot the new category images on We did, and we showcase some of the new replacement images.

Updated Category Images on DLive
New DLive Category Images being added to DLive

Over the last several days we've noticed some pretty clean looking category images popping up on DLive.  For several years the category images have all been featuring their site mascot "Snow" (the Ninja), however many have now been replaced with high quality uniform styled covers.

Screenshot of the DLive Category Page
New Style Category Images on

Who is Snow?

Snow the Ninja is the site mascot for DLive.  As you can see from the image above, Snow wears an all black Ninja outfit and is often used as a "default" category image on DLive.

Snow the Ninja is different poses
Snow -'s Ninja Mascot

From the DLive Branding Guidelines, Snow has been an integral part of DLive's branding since 2019.

Which DLive category images have been updated?

We're not sure how many have been updated, however it seems DLive have been focussing on popular categories.  So far we've noticed the following category images updated in the past few days:

Let us know in the comments below if you've spotted any new category images!