Slots takes 1st place as the most popular category on

Slots streamers are flocking to DLive making it the most popular category on DLive in the last 30 days - how is it happening?

DLive Top 10 category list with 1st place Trophy
Slots dominating the category rankings on DLive

When the news first broke that were updating their gambling and betting policy, we announced how DLive with their new strapline "Your Stream, Your Rules" provided a viable alternative streaming solution welcoming soon-to-be suspended slots channels.

With the above in mind, we've been keeping a very close eye on the TidyLabs statistics page which tracks the entire DLive platform and publically shows the top 10 categories for the TRON owned streaming website.

For as long as we remember Chatting, News and Politics categories had the upper hand over all other streaming categories on DLive with only the odd game or two occasionally entering the leaderboard.

Top 10 Categories in DLive for October 2022

Screenshot of the Top 10 categories on DLive
Top 10 Most Popular Categories on DLive - source: TidyLabs

The Slots category blasted its way to position one in less than 2 days after the Twitch gambling policy was enforced with over 1.2 million viewers - 200,000 more than the now 2nd position "News" category.  

DLive has been renowned for its more "relaxed" approach to News / Political  and "Free Speech" styled content, so to see a brand new category flying its way to the top of the list, is very refreshing (and exciting) to see.

How Twitch streamers are promoting DLive

Screenshot of streamer VitaPvPey promoting their DLive Channel
Twitch Streamers Promoting their DLive Channels

The huge drive of viewership has been helped by ex-Twitch streamers promoting their alternative Twitch channels directly in the Slots category - a huge win for DLive!

We popped into many of the new Slots channels streaming on DLive to welcome their communities to the platform with their response being overwhelmingly positive.

DLive Helps Smaller Slots Streamers

Screenshot of the featured area of DLive
DLive Home Page Featuring Smaller Streamers

DLive has always put their community first, and one of the differences that makes DLive special is how their home page streamers are rotated every few hours.  

Unlike Twitch, DLive will feature channels of any size or partnership status.  We often see brand new streamers being featured on the home page including the brand new Slots channels who have recently started their journey on DLive.