The return of clickable categories on

Easily navigate between DLive streamers in the same category - basic feature, but very useful!

Zoomed in image of the new clickable category links on
Clickable Category Links are back on DLive!

It may not be a huge update, but an update worth writing about for sure!  When you now visit a DLive stream, users can now navigate directly to the parent category and browse similar content creators.

DLive Screenshot highlighting the new clickable category link
Category Links are now clickable on the DLive Website

The update rolled out on October 21st 2022, and although we're not really fond of the large yellow text - we're welcoming the return with open arms.

We also noticed that the category is also clickable from the featured streamer area on the DLive home page giving viewers, once again providing instant access to the list of live streamers in that specific category.

Screenshot of's featured area
Category Links now 'Clickable' from the featured area

DLive has recently been pushing several UI updates, with the most noticeable being new uniform category images to grace the Ninja inspired live streaming platform.

In the very early times of DLive/LINO, the category link below the live stream video was clickable - however in early 2021 this was replaced along with some new design tweaks to the streamers page.

Even after requesting the return of the link directly in the DLive Discord, we were left for months without the ability to visit other channels in the same category from the live stream page.

Have you noticed any changes?  Leave a comment below!