TidyLabs - DLive Overlays for your live stream

TidyLabs is the only DLive dedicated alerts system. Overlays have been created only for DLive streamers. We provide a simple overview of each overlay.

TidyLabs - DLive Overlays for your live stream

For those starting out at DLive will often be saddened to learn that companies like StreamLabs and StreamElements do not have native support for DLive.tv.  TidyLabs was created by Tidy (who works for DLive.tv) back in 2019 with a simple upvote alert (when DLive was on the Steemit blockchain).

Over the years TidyLabs has become the most feature filled tool for DLive streamers which works flawlessly with OBS, Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) or even XSplit.

Tidy is the Director of Streaming Operations at DLive - however TidyLabs is an external project that he works on in his spare time for the DLive Community - source

TidyLabs Stream Overlays for DLive

The list is quite endless, however we'll go each of the overlays TidyLabs has to offer.  Unlike StreamElements / StreamLabs, all the development has been done (and maintained) by Tidy himself so they are not as fully fleshed out when compared to more established systems.

Alert Box Overlay

DLive Ninja waving
Default Alert Image for the Alert Box

The Alert box is the main alerts for your DLive stream.  You can select which alerts you want to use on your channel such as:

  • Follower Alerts
  • Donation Alerts (Lemon / Ice Cream / Diamond / Ninjaghini / Ninjet / Crypto)
  • Host Alerts
  • Subscription Alerts
  • Interactive Alerts (Videos / Sounds / Images) *

Alerts can be customized with gifs / videos and sounds with different animations to really personalise your stream.


TidyLabs Dashboard for updating your stream title and category
TidyLabs Dashboard for updating your stream title and category

The TidyLabs dashboard is a simple dashboard giving you the option to change your stream title and category without needing to log into DLive.  We remember when Tidy wrote this page - it was due to issues relating to the DLive dashboard.

Follower Goal Overlay

Screenshot of the TidyLabs Follower Goal
TidyLabs Follower Goal for DLive

A simple overlay where you can set a goal for your channel to reach in followers.  The bar can be customised in colour and will automatically update every few minutes with your current follower count.

Subscriber Goal Overlay

TidyLabs Subscriber Goal for DLive
TidyLabs Subscriber Goal for DLive

The same type of goal as the "Follower" overlay, the subscriber goal will however use your subscription count (instead of followers).  This overlay can be personalised with your own colour choice.

Donation Goal Overlay

Donation goal overlay for DLive from TidyLabs
TidyLabs Donation Goal for DLive

The donation goal is similar to those offered by StreamLabs / StreamElements, however it only works with DLive LEMON donations.  This will automatically deduct the 25% taken by DLive during each donation.

Subscriber Train Overlay

TidyLabs Subscriber Train Overlay

The subscriber chain (also known as Sub Train) is a small overlay you can add to your stream.  Every time you receive a paid subscription on your channel - the time is reset to X minutes.  If you receive a new subscriber before the timer runs out, the timer is reset and the train continues.

Tip Jar Overlay

Tip Jar for DLive (From TidyLabs)
TidyLabs Tip Jar for DLive

The Tip Jar is exactly what it sounds like.  It is solely used with DLive donation methods and the jar will fill up over time.  If you receive a subscription fireworks will set off (can be disabled).  You can select from 3 different tip jar styles to suit your channel.

This feature is currently in active development and you may experience small bugs once accepted into testing.

Emotesplosion Overlay - Flying Emotes

Emotesplosion over from TidyLabs feature image
'Emotesplosion' over from TidyLabs

"Emotesplosion" is a fairly new feature which will randomly make DLive Emoji's fade in and fly round your stream in a random fashion.  There are many different settings which can "trigger" the emoji(s), for example:

  • When a user follows the channel
  • When a user hosts your channel
  • When a user subscribes to your channel
  • When a use uses an emoji in your channel

Donation Leaderboard

Exactly as it sounds, the Donation Leaderboard is a simple overlay which shows the top 10 donors to the channel.  You can select from the current stream, or if you want to incentivise your community a monthly top donations leader board.

There are a few customisation options such as font choice, colour) and even an option to periodically slide the donation leader board "in and out" periodically so it doesn't stay on your stream at all times.

Tip Scroller Overlay

Screenshot of the Tip Scrolling Overlay for DLive
Tip Scroller DLive Overlay

The tip scroller overlay is a automatic scrolling stream overlay which shows the users who have donated to your stream.  The overlay automatically updates with the latest donations, username and profile picture (including subscription revenue).

The overlay can be customized with background colour, font, and text colour.

Subscription Scroller Overlay

Subscription overlay scroller screenshot for DLive / TidyLabs
Subscription Scroller Overlay

The subscription scroller functions the same as the donation scroller, however instead of the amount of lemons, it will scroll the subscribers to your channel.  The same level of customisations are available (background colour, font, and text colour).

DLive Chat Overlay

Preview of the chat overlay from TidyLabs
Add your DLive Chat as an overlay on your stream

A must for every streamer, the TidyLabs chat overlay displays the DLive chat on your live stream.  The chat overlay can be completely customized with different fonts, colours, message background and even entry animation.

The chat overlay also acts a "Donation Text to Speech" function (if enabled before copying the widget URL) which will read the donation message sent with a Diamonds / Ninjaghini / Ninjet to your stream.

Stream Labels Overlay

How stream labels from TidyLabs look on your stream
Stream Labels from TidyLabs

Stream labels are simple text overlays to help you design the perfect theme for your live stream.  If you want to display the latest follower, the latest subscriber or even the user who donated the latest Ninjet - Stream Labels are for you.  

You can personalize the colour, font and alignment of your labels to suit your stream layout.

Stream Labels will only update if the overlay is active when the event occurs.

Events List Overlay

Screenshot of the TidyLabs events list
Show the most recent events on your live stream with the Events List

The events list from TidyLabs is the 5 most recent events that happened on your stream.  As you can see from the list above, reading from bottom to top is a list of events that has recently happened on your live stream.  The events list captures the following events:

  • Follows
  • Donations (LEMON, Ice Cream, Diamond, Ninjaghini, Ninjet)
  • Subscriptions
  • Hosts

The events list can be customized with different colours, fonts and animations.

TidyLabs events list will only update if the overlay is active when the event occurs.

Viewer Count overlay

The viewer counter overlay is a simple overlay that can be added to your streaming software to show how many viewers are watching your live stream.  The overlay can be customized with a selection of fonts and colour.

The viewer count is updated every few minutes (not real time).

Ninja Boss Overlay (similar to Stream Boss)

Screenshot of the Ninja Boss (Stream Boss) overlay from TidyLabs
Ninja Boss overlay from TidyLabs

The Ninja Boss overlay is a really nice addition to TidyLabs.  For each donation / follow / subscription, the Ninja Boss's HP (Health Points) will decrease.  The user that finally takes the current boss's health to 0 will become the NEW Ninja Boss.

One of the coolest features about this overlay is when the current Ninja Boss donates lemons - the health points increase (like drinking a health potion).

Currently there is only 1 design available for Ninja Boss, but it can be skinned using a PNG file (we'll have a guide on this soon!), however you can manually change the current user and the amount of total health.

Need Help with TidyLabs?

Tidy is usually very available on Discord, you can reach him by joining the TidyLabs Discord Server here

We have used TidyLabs from early 2020, so if you would prefer to leave a comment below - we can assist you further.