What Chatbots for DLive.tv are available?

Are you looking to add a chatbot for your DLive stream? We cover the 3 main chatbots available and how to install them.

What Chatbots for DLive.tv are available?

No live stream is complete without a chatbot sitting in your channel responding to common queries and questions.  Unlike Twitch, there is a fairly limited choice of chat bots for DLive, however the ones available will more than cover the basic requirements for your stream.

TidyLabs DLive Chat Bot v1 - FREE

Screenshot of the TidyLabs chat bot (v1)
TidyLabs DLive Chat Bot (Version 1)

TidyLabs is probably the most popular chat bot for DLive streamers.  No only is it free, but it also requires no installation and only requires a TidyLabs alerts overlay to be open in your streaming software.

To enable the TidyLabs chat bot in you channel:

  1. Visit tidylabs.stream and login with your DLive account.
  2. Click the "Alerts Overlay" option
  3. Copy the Widget URL and paste into your streaming software.

Not only will you get lovely alerts when somebody donates / follows, but the chat bot will start listening out for messages.

To add commands to the TidyLabs chat bot:

  1. In TidyLabs, click "Chatbot 1.0"
  2. Enter the command name eg: socials
  3. Enter the command response eg: Follow me on Twitter at https://tw.....
  4. Click "Add"
There are no limits to the amount of commands you can add

Botisimo Chat Bot - FREE & Paid

Screenshot of the Botisimo dashboard
Botisimo Chatbot Dashboard

Botisimo is another well known chatbot that is also available for other platforms (Twitch / Discord etc).  The standard chatbot can be used for free (you can select the free option when signing up).

To enable the Botisimo chat bot for your channel:

  1. Sign up for a free account by visiting https://botisimo.com/
  2. Select the free option (or upgrade for a custom bot name)
  3. Click the "Connect with DLive" option (and login)
  4. Click ">_ Commands" option
  5. Click "Create Command"
  6. Enter the command and description text
  7. Click "Create"
There is a limit of 10 free commands you can add to Botisimo (Free) service.

TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0 - PAID

TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0 Admin Panel
TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0 Admin Panel

TidyLabs offers a paid service which not only unlocks more overlay features, it does allow the use of the TidyLabs Chat Bot 2.0.  Version 2.0 of the chatbot does not require any alerts overlay and unlocks more features which can all be edited / added in the same TidyLabs website.

To unlock TidyLabs Chatbot 2.0, you need to subscribe to the TidyLabs DLive channel over at https://dlive.tv/tidylabs.  The cost is 298 LEMONS ($3.56) per month which can be cancelled at any time.

Once subscribed, your new v2 Chatbot can be enabled following these simple steps:

  1. Log into TidyLabs
  2. Click "Chatbot 2.o" in the left menu
  3. Click "Enable"
  4. Wait 60 seconds for the bot to join your channel

The new (and improved) chatbot adds the following features:

  • Moderation
  • Link Deletion (except from Moderators)
  • Interactive Commands (play a YouTube video with a command)
  • Song requests (Request & Play videos from YouTube)
  • Structured Commands (Add a username into the chat message response)
  • Timed Messages (Automatically send messages every X minutes)
  • Custom Alert Messages (when you receive a follow / donation / host)
  • Giveaways
  • Channel Points
  • Voting
  • Longer response messages

To learn how to use all these features Tidy created a detailed document site at: https://docs.tidylabs.stream/tidylabs-chat-bot/global-chat-bot

More Chatbots on the way!

With the huge increase of slots / gambling streamers joining DLive, we expect more chatbots to be added to DLive.  If you're a developer and want to start making a chatbot for DLive, head on over to the DLive Developer website and request API credentials.